In the world of Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role. Business, product, and service owners want to see their Websites rank #1 in the Search Engine to gain customers.

How hard is it to rank #1 for your target keyword, and how long it takes to reach there? We usually don’t have an answer for that, so we take help from professionals. 

An SEO service provider is the professional we all look for when it comes to SEO. Though we all know how to choose the best SEO service company, we always choose the wrong one!

Have you ever wondered why you don’t always get the result you are looking for when it comes to SEO? Because SEO is not a one-time activity! You have to regularly invest your money to gain and maintain your top rank. 

As a Website owner, we hire the best SEO company mostly by checking the reviews online but, do you know that the SEO company can easily manipulate the review?

Some SEO companies use tactics like offering a free trial or discounted price in exchange for a positive review. Even after scrutiny, we sometimes end up paying more for lousy SEO service!

One of the main reasons for this is the lack of knowledge about SEO companies’ link building techniques. We either don’t understand what they are offering or know how to analyze the report. This is where most of the low-quality SEO companies cheat us!

The time has come for us to take control back! SEO Scrutiny is a product that can help you understand everything about the off-page SEO techniques used and offers you one of the best checklists ever created to vet SEO services thoroughly!